Men's Low Cut Socks - 18 Pack - Synthetic

As low as $26.99
  • 18 Pairs of Black or White Low Cut Socks
  • Fits Men's Shoe Size 8-12 or 13-15 Best
  • Not as Low as No Show
  • Fully Synthetic | Great for Everyday Use or Performance - Sports - Athletics
  • French Terry Soles

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Men’s Low Cut Socks - 18 Pack

18 Pairs of men's low-cut socks in Black or White. Fully synthetic materials allow for all day everyday use - as well as running down to the gym. Polyester/Nylon/Spandex. Our bulk 18 pack of short socks for men are great for replacing all your old holey socks and stocking up with a single sock. No more wasting time matching up socks from the dryer. Simply swap out your oldies for our bulk sock packs and save time! Our mid-lightweight sock is heavier than a liner, lighter than a heavy sock. The low profile just peaks above the edge of your sneakers. French terry soles provide extra cushioning and help to beat foot fatigue.

Material & Fit

  • Fully Synthetic 80% Polyester 17% Nylon 3% Spandex
  • Padding in Sole: French Terry Inner Loop Knit
  • Padding in Toes & Heel
  • Fits Shoe Sizes 9-12 or 13-15 Best
  • Top Hits Right Below the Ankle


  • Work to Athletic Socks - & Everything In Between
  • 18 Pairs of Men's Socks per Pack
  • Quicker Drying - Longer Lasting Materials
  • Reduced Blisters from Materials & Construction
  • All Day Comfort - Performance Fabric

Low Sock Materials: Polyester/Nylon/Spandex

You’ll note these socks are absent of cotton. We did this on purpose to make a sock that could transition from day-to-day life to the gym or other athletic activities. Our fully synthetic low sock blend is great for guys on the go. The combo of polyester/nylon is more durable than cotton and the polyester will help to wick moisture away from your foot. Our polyester/nylon/spandex socks also dry much quicker than cotton socks and hold their color longer than cotton (so you’ll reduce the black fade over time as it goes through the wash). Polyester tends to keep the feet warmer than cotton socks - but also reduces the risk of blistering. You’ll note that Polyester is a durable fiber that will break down a lot slower than cotton will over time. Our special blend of fibers mimics the softness of cotton - so you can enjoy the benefits of polyester/nylon/spandex without losing the comfy feel of cotton.

Low Sock Construction & Activity Use Recommendations

Our synthetic material composition allows are men’s socks to stretch and then spring back to life in the wash. The bottom of the foot has a looped french terry knitting - which simply means there is more cushioning at the sole of the sock than at the top. This allows for greater comfort - especially if foot fatigue is a concern. We use a special toe seam (at the top of the toe) that minimizes bulkiness at the toe. The top of the sock is a smooth knit design. Around the lower ankle there is some ribbing with elastic - which helps the socks stay up and stay firm around your under ankle.

Activity Use: What we really wanted to do with these low cut socks was make something totally functional through a guys day. Let’s be honest - how many of us really switch out our socks between work and gym or school and athletics? Sure we might take them off when they get smelly & wet - but before that - we switch daily activities all the time without swapping our socks out. This sock is the balance of that: All Day Comfort + Synthetic Activity Driven Materials. So whether you’re out for a jog, some quick weight lifting at the gym, or simply sitting in your desk all day - our light to mid-weight sock is just the thing you’ve been looking for in a transitional sock.

Men's Low Cut Socks - 18 Pack - Synthetic
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