Men's Ankle Socks - 18 Pack - Synthetic

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  • 18 Pairs per Pack
  • Fully Synthetic Fibers: Poly/Nylon/Spandex
  • Padded Sole - Cushion in Your Step
  • Light to Midweight
  • Work to Gym Sock

Men's Black Ankle Socks 18 Pairs per Pack Bolter

Men’s Black or White Ankle Socks

18 pairs of Bolter ankle socks in black or white. Our ankle socks are made from a Polyester/Nylon/Spandex fabric combination. No cotton - which means you can wear these to the gym with confidence that your athletic shoes won’t be chafing your heels. These ankle height socks don’t slide down - and that’s just what you need for all day use. Our ankle socks transition easily from work to gym. So ditch having gym socks vs day socks - get our versitle bulk pack of ankle socks and reduce sock headaches. Low quarter sock height, lands just above the ankle - which will show on a traditional athletic shoe a couple of inches.

Material & Fit

  • Fully Synthetic Fibers
  • French Terry knit Sole for Padding
  • Padded Toe & Heel for Comfort
  • No Thick Seams at Toes
  • Fits Shoe Sizes 9-12 or 13-15 Best


  • 18 Pairs Ankle Socks per Pack
  • Great for All Day Wear
  • Everyday, All Day, Bolter Socks
  • Black has Dark Grey Toe and Heel Pops
  • White has a Dark Grey Bottom

Ankle Sock Materials: Polyester/Nylon/Spandex

Go synthetic socks and you won’t go back. Our fiber combo was created so you have a more durable sock that can put up with your wear all day and your washer/dryer combo at night. The synthetic fibers allow for the color to hold longer (making them look fresher longer). The extra nylon also helps with stretch and elasticity. So you can feel confident after washing them that they will spring back to a secure hold as they had before. This combo also runs a little hotter than cotton - so you’re ditching the blisters for a little heat. The ankle sock fibers also dry up quickly - which means less time waiting for them in the dryer.

Ankle Sock Construction & Use:

These quarter crew socks have ribbing at the ankle about 2 inches in height that gives you that stay up power. The heel and toe seam construction utilize a knit in seaming technique that minimizes irritation to the wearer (especially over prolonged periods of time). The bottom the sock is a mid-weight french terry loop construction - which gives the foot more cushioning in the step (the toe is also this way!). The top panel is a light weight - smooth stretch part of the sock that reduces overall bulkiness. A foot-forming constructions beats the bulk for a more streamlined glide into the shoe.

Men's Ankle Socks - 18 Pack - Synthetic
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Product Questions

Our "18 Packs" come with 18 Pairs of socks (so 36 individual socks altogether). 

Bolter men's ankle socks fully cover the ankle bone. Often coming just above to one inch above the ankle bone. As you can see from our model pics - our ankle socks are also known as quarter crew socks - because of their height. They are high enough if you need your ankle bone covered - but low enough so you don't have that extra fabric/weight squeezing towards your calves. 

18 Pairs of socks (36 individual socks) come in a single heavyweight polybag. Perfect for stocking up and tossing the mis-match madness of your sock drawer - or for giving away as a gift. 

36 individual socks, making up 18 pairs of socks are in this Bolter sock pack. 

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